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Mission Statement

Georgia Suns is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers who have a strong interest in the well-being of the children of our community, providing them with a safe, drug-free opportunity for personal growth and development through a competitive basketball experience.


The organization's goals are as follows:


1. To promote a competitive basketball experience for the children in the city of Macon, and the surrounding counties.


2. To provide a competitive learning environment for the youth of the community through instruction & competition, while simultaneously providing opportunities to develop/improve self-esteem, confidence, and social skills.


3. To promote teamwork and sportsmanship with a focus on education;


4. To raise the funds necessary to ensure that no child with requisite skills, talent, or drive will miss the opportunity of being involved with the Suns because of financial restrictions.



Coach Information:

Melvin Flowers has been an AAU Coach for more than twenty years and is able to make a positive impact on the lives of young athletes.


His desire is to make them better competitors on the court and in life.  He aims to produce better citizens.  


Many of his players have gone on to college and three of them became NBA players—Sharone Wright, Chris Robinson and Jerald Finch.


Coach Flowers seeks to make his players better students in their academic studies because these qualities are the fundamental of a better world.


The passion young athletes have for the game of basketball can be transferred into other vocations and skills. Coach Flowers continues to use it as a handle to developing a better citizen participating fully in the American way of life.


Coach Flowers states, “My philosophy revolves around the phrase, ‘Compete in every practice, every play, and every tournament’."


His expectation of players for them to give their maximum effort towards everything they participate in including athletics and education.


“I expect my team to pay attention in the game, play hard, play smart, and always play together. They must play with physicality; toughness is a must, which is something I demand of my players at practice and in tournaments”.

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