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Playing Time will not be equal, time will be determined based upon how players perform in practice and in games. I am a huge believer in the phrase, “Coaches don’t decide who gets the most minutes, PLAYERS do”. I’m a firm believer in our game policy which is structured around attendance and commitment.


Refunds: Georgia Suns program will provide NO REFUNDS to an AAU Member after the start of the 1st practice. Players that have a season-ended injury will receive a prorated refund. Players must have proper paper work and Dr. excuse/letter to receive any form of refund. If a player leaves a team, NO REFUND WILL BE GRANTED.


Entry Fees must be paid in full to make this program a success. I’m looking forward to a great AAU season come on and catch the Georgia Suns Spirit. Melvin Flowers CEO/Founder.





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